Grand Teton – wildlife and mountain tops

The first major National Park on my US trip was Grand Teton in Wyoming. Snow dotted mountain peaks, pine trees and beautiful lakes.

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grand-teton-jackson-lakegrand teton

Jackson Hole

Jackson was our first stop in the Grand Teton area. While the others from my group rafted on the Snake River or hiked up the mountain I took a walk into the valley (called Jackson Hole) looking for animals. Right next to the town is a large elk refuge but sadly the elks only come down to the valley in wintertime. Luckily the refuge is also a home to a lot of birds and butterflies!

grand teton I have no idea what kind of butterfly this is. If you know please leave a comment and tell me!

grand tetonCanada geese on the lookout.

grand-teton-blue-birdI don’t know anything about american birds but this is a easy one. It’s blue and it lives in the mountains – so it must be a sweet little mountain blue bird!

Jenny Lake

The next day was spent hiking around Jenny Lake to the viewpoint Inspiration Point.

grand teton tops

grand teton jenny lake

grand teton moose pondI found a quiet moment by the Moose Pond. I didn’t see any moose there but some from my group saw a black bear in the area.

grand teton inspiration pointThe view over Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point.


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San Francisco and the beaches

My US National Park trip started and ended in San Francisco. Although the city was mostly just a stopover for me I had a couple of days to explore. What I liked most about the city was the beautiful beaches along the west coast. I visited Marshall’s Beach and Ocean Beach. None of them are ideal for swimming as the wind is cold and the waves high (I was also told there are sharks out there – yikes!) So bring your hiking boots instead of your swimming suit. There are many pretty trails along the coast.

My first day in San Francisco – Marshall’s Beach

Visiting Marshall’s Beach was the perfect start for my US trip. Perfectly clear weather, the setting sun and birds in the sky.

san franciscoThis guy was hanging right above my head on my way down to the beach. A beautiful pale buzzard.

san francisco

san francisco The iconic Golden Gate Bridge seen from Marshall’s beach. I was lucky that the weather was clear that one evening I was there. The bridge and the bay is very often covered in fog.

My last day in San Francisco – Ocean Beach

Waking up in a real bed at my hotel in San Francisco after 16 days on a bus was pretty great. Before my flight home I had just enough time and energy to take the bus and spend a few hours snapping photos of the cliffs and the dogs on Ocean Beach. What a perfect way to end my US trip!

san francisco

San Francisco

san francisco

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Lisbon in summertime

Once again I was headed to Lisbon with my coworkers at Kähler Design to celebrate and to visit one of our workshops in Portugal. Last time we went in december – this time we went in early June so the experience and the weather was quite different although we visited some of the same places. This time I also had a little more time to explore the city with my camera!

lisbonThe view from our hotel rooftop in Lisbon.

lisbonWe were all pretty amazed by these purple flowering trees found everywhere in Lisbon. They are called jacarandas

lisbonI discovered a little butterfly garden in the corner of the botanical garden in the city.

lisbonThe beautiful church Basílica da Estrela

lisbonI found shade under a palm tree in the park Jardim Da Estrela right next to the church. A lovely place with exotic trees, birds and turtles in the ponds.

Spring getaway to Langeland

One more danish island to cross off the list! I went to Langeland for the first time last weekend. A very idyllic island full of little villages with silly names like Tullebølle and loads of sweet timbered houses.

Castle Red

There are two beautiful castles to see in the area – one in Tranekær – Tranekær Slot (picture) and one on the nearby island Tåsinge – Valdemar Slot. They are both a must see.


Sunsets by the sea

I guess the reason why I love islands so much is that they are sourrounded by water. And I love seascapes! This is taken near the habour village Dageløkke.



Wild wild horses

There are a flock of almost wild Exmoor ponys on the southern tip of Langeland. They are fenced on a large area but otherwise left by themselves to graze the meadows. Admittance is allowed.


Spring is in the air

Beech leaves and cherry blossom. Spring is truly here.



Spring is in the house

A few weeks ago the beautiful white flowers on the hawthorn bushes started blooming everywhere. I had to bring af few branches inside on my table.

spring housespring house

Spring trip to the island Fur

Finally the spring is coming, the days are getting longer and the temperatures milder. It was about time for a getaway out of the city and into the spring sun. I spent 4 wonderful days on the beautiful island Fur situated in northern Jutland. The island is made of layers of volcanic ash and mo-clay making the landscape very distinctive. Along the north coast and in the many clay pits the layers are clearly visible making beautiful and strange formations.

The north part of the island is small enough to explore on foot and there are several beautiful trails to follow. I used this useful map from Naturstyrelsen to pinpoint the sights.

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Along the west coast of the island Fur

island furisland fur

The steep and layered north coast

island Fur island Furisland furThe last evening light glowing red at Store Knudshoved

island furBeing a tree is tough at the island Fur

island FurLille Knudshoved

island FurThe view from the top of Lille Knudshoved. A great place to eat your lunch!

One frosty morning

island furisland fur

The mo-clay pits

Though they are man-made the clay pits on Fur is just as beautiful as the coastline. Digging for the mo-clay (sold as cat-litter) has left strange rocks with beautiful layers and shapes.

island Fur  An odd but beautiful rock called Bispehuen.

island Fur island Fur

island furUnder the stars

island fur This is the little cabin I stayed in at Fur Camping during my trip to the island Fur.

Foggy days

Winter may sometimes be a struggle to get through. But it also makes excellent photo opportunities – like this foggy weather. On this particular day the fog was thick and it lasted the entire day. It suddenly made the world all new and mysterious. I went to a forest near Copenhagen called Kongelundsskoven to photograph some foggy landscapes.

foggyGhost trees. Print can be bought in my webshop

foggyBlack horse in white snow

foggyFoggy field

foggyFog in Kongelundskoven

foggyClearing and naked tree


foggyDew drops



Northmodern winter 2016

Last year I attended Northmodern as a private visitor – this year I went with my new job at Kähler Design. It is pretty great when your hobbies in time turn into your profession and it is surely the right way to go.

Yet again the Northmodern design fair was filled with new exciting design products. This is my selection of the products and brands I liked the most.

Oh Oak

oh oak northmodern

oh oak northmodern
Love the rustic nordic inspired cups and bowls and the pretty colours from ceramicist Sarah Oakman. Visit her website at

Louise Roe

Glas, green marble and metals make a beautiful exclusive look at Louise Roe. Visit her website at

Anne Black

anne black northmodern

anne black northmodern

anne black northmodern
Love the delicate pastel porcelain from ceramicist Anne Black and the idea of hanging pots and plants on the wall. See more at


nordstjerne northmodern

nordstjerne northmodern

Nordstjerne is a new brand I have only recently discovered. Lots of lovely products in marble and metals. See

Paradisco Productions

paradisco productions Northmodern
Totally in love with this print from Paradisco Productions named Underwatery inspired by microorganisms in the sea. Find the print at

H. Skjalm P.

skjalm p Northmodern skjalm p Northmodern
New structures and patterns from H. Skjalm P. Love their exclusive style. See more at

OYOY living design

oyoy northmodernoyoy
Prettiness from OYOY living design. Find their products at

Ferm Living

ferm living Northmodern ferm living northmodernNew minimal products from Ferm living. Find them at


Ilulissat Greenland – a travel guide

I have been dreaming of Greenland since I was a child. The choice of destination fell on the town Ilulissat – it simply means icebergs in Greenlandic and that is the exact reason why you must go there. The town is situated right next to the Disco Bay – an UNESCO World Heritage site where one of the most productive glaciers in the world is calving ice into the sea causing a large amount of icebergs to float by the town.

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Flying over the arctic wilderness


The town Ilulissat

Ilulissat was exactly like I had hoped it would be. Full of colourful houses and surrounded by mountains, icebergs and thousands of sled dogs.

ilulissat Greenland squareilulissatilulissatThe path down to the icefiord

Iceberg ahead!

A must in Ilulissat is to go on a boat trip among the icebergs. We booked two trips from home at World of Greenland. One trip in grey and snowy weather – the other one in perfect sunshine and blue skies.

illulissat iceberg


ilulissatSledging with 10 farting dogs

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Greenland in wintertime was to go dog sledging. We booked a 5 hour trip at World of Greenland and it was fabulous. We were dressed in sealskin while the dogs pulled us up the mountains, over frozen lakes to the most beautiful viewpoint (and the farting is not that bad!).


Hiking along the Disco Bay

There are plenty of hiking trails in the Ilulissat area – especially in the summer. In wintertime it was possible for us to take a few short and beautiful hikes along the Disco Bay. By the old Heliport there is a map of trails in the area.


Musk ox steak and Greenland on a plate

There are several good restaurants in the town. My favourite was the Hotel Icefiord Restaurant. We had both musk ox steak and caribou (reindeer) steak and the taste was amazing! You can watch the icebergs float by from the large windows while you eat. A truly mesmerizing experience. Another recommendation is the Restaurant Marmatut where we had a tapas plate with Greenlandic ingredients e.g. dried fish, whale paté, reindeer carpaccio and seal(!).


Sleeping in a igloo?

To keep the expenses down we booked the smallest apartment at Ono’s Hotel Apartments – a pretty blue building 10 minutes walk outside the town center. Perfect if you are on a budget and want to cook your own food. There are 3 hotels, a hostel, a camp site and several private apartments to rent. You can also book one of these modern igloos shown below!

See the full list of accommodations here


Winter, spring summer or fall?

When to go depends on what you want to experience. Most people come to Greenland in the summer when it is warmest (summer temperature average is 8 degrees Celsius). In the summer you can spot whales and experience the midnight sun. There will be no snow and you can hike in the mountains. In winter (down to -20 degrees) you can go dog sledging and see the northern lights. The days will be short and everything will be covered in snow. Boat trips among the icebergs are possible all year round as the sea rarely freezes over. We went in April (average temperature -8 degrees) which it is still a winter month with snow on the ground but with long and often sunny days. But I also dream of coming back some day to experience a summer in Ilulissat.

I hope this guide has been helpful and inspired you to go see this magnificent country.

Love, Sarah

A merry minimal Christmas

The Christmas month is here! I am always looking forward to this month and it is one of the things that keeps my spirit up when the days get darker and the weather colder. I am sure that it was scandinavians who invented Christmas because we really need a celebration to get through the winter!

Traditional decoration can easily get a little too much though. When I decorate I focus on candles, nature and the colour white. My favourite thing is the tree! I always buy one in a flowerpot so it will last the whole month. It reminds my of those childhood mornings when the tree would twinkle in our livingroom.

The advent calendar

christmasCups with number from Søstrene Grene / Vase from H&M home

The Christmas tree

christmasLittle stuffed animal decorations from Ferm Living

Porcelain baubles

christmasPorcelain baubles from Kähler Design

The minimalistic Christmas playlist

If you also think that Christmas music can be a little too much and you prefer something a little more acoustic and mellow give my spotify playlist a listen:

Sort Sol in Tøndermarsken

Sort sol is the phenomena happening each spring and summer when thousands of starlings gather in large flocks preparing for migration. At sundown they all settle down for the night in the reeds. I spent a weekend in Rudbøl near the border of Germany and drove to the small German town Aventoft (about 10 km) which is a favorite spot for the starlings.

sort sol

The starlings showing off a little bit of murmurationsort sol

Højer Slusehøjer sluse

Flock of dunlins near Højer Slusehøjer sluse

Bended trees in the harsh western windtøndermarsken

Whoopers flying bytøndermarsken

Sheep on the diketøndermarsken

A day in Lisbon

This month I have started working as a graphic designer for the ceramics company Kähler. As a part of the introduction we went to Lisbon in Portugal to visit one of the workshops producing the ceramics.  As a part of the experience we all tried to paint stripes on our very own Omaggio vase. It was pretty difficult and I do not think I have a future in the vase painting business!

It was a busy and interesting day where I also managed to snap a few shots of the city and the surrounding area before flying back to Copenhagen.

My hotel view. Lisbon is famous for its colourful tiled houses.lissabon

Early morning drive to the workshop.lissabon

A Kähler Omaggio vase in the making.lissabon

This lady is much better at painting stripes than me.lissabon

We had lunch in the city Nazaré right next to this beautiful beach.lissabon lissabon lissabon

No place like home

Practicing my interior photography skills with a few shots of my own apartment.

my homePlant stands from Ferm Living / Poster from Paper Collective bought at Munk Shop


my homePoster from Playtype bought at Stilleben / Log pillow from H&M Home / Dachshund pillow from Areaware / Mano tea pot and cups from Kähler


my homeClock from Kähler / Vase from H. Skjalm P. / Owl from flea market in Berlin


my spacePhilodendron from Bak / lawn Flamingo found on Amazon


homeBear print from Seventy Tree / The other prints are self made

Northmodern summer 2015

I visited the Northmodern design trade show in Bella Center, Copenhagen for some much needed design inspiration. I also attended a lecture by Mads Arlien-Søborg arranged by the trend agency Pejgruppen. It was about nature as a trend. How modern city people (me!) are longing for authenticity and wild nature in their lives and how this effects our lifestyle, product and interior trends. Exciting topic that I can totally relate to! Here are some of my shots from the day:


northmodern designnorthmodern design

Retro extravagance. The brand Bloomingville has really stepped up their design ambitions in the recent years. They had the most beautiful product line shown at the Northmodern design fair with a lovely retro style, dusted blues, pinks, grey and brass. Love the super graphic wire chair too. Find their products at

Foto Factory

northmodern designPhoto nature art. Foto Factory are making the most beautiful photo prints taken on trips around Scotland and Denmark. Making a business out of traveling and photographing is something I only dream about. They are actually doing it – pretty awe-inspiring! Find all their beautiful photo prints at

OyOy design

northmodern design  northmodern designQuirky and graphic. A fairly new design label I had never heard of before I visited the Northmodern design fair.  I love their pastel and dotted ceramics, the graphic puffs and the leather details. You must also check out their super cute stuffed animals at

Michelle Carlslund

northmodern designSweet illustrations by Michelle Carlslund. See – there is an entire universe in there!

Place de Bleu

northmodern designSocial entrepreneurship. I just love the graphic pillows from Place de Bleu. A small company that educates and employs vulnerable immigrant women to give them a better life. Everything is handmade. See all their products and read more at

Nationalpark Thy

As my interest in nature and traveling has grown in the recent years I have realized there are so many places in my own country that I have never visited. One of them is Nationalpark Thy. A few years ago there was suddenly a lot of fuzz about a wolf seen in Thy – the first one seen in Denmark in 200 years! I thought that if Thy was a place for a wolf it would definitely be a place for me! Thy is the largest piece of wilderness in Denmark (or as wild as it gets) and the very first national park. I decided to bike along the beautiful danish west coast from Agger to Klitmøller in 3 days.


nationalpark thyThe blue hour in the town Klitmøller

four-leaf-cloverA little luck found on the way

Agger Tange

nationalpark thyThe very long and straight road to Agger Tange – a 10 km long peninsula and a bird reserve. At the end of the road you will find the ferry to Thyborøn and a sandbank with seals if you bring a telescope. I also saw a lot of hares and deer on the way.

nationalpark thyPlenty of birds on Agger Tange. From top left: Flying oystercatchers, arctic tern, turnstone in breeding colours and a ringed plover.

Lodbjerg Klint

nationalpark thyLodbjerg Klint – the coastline near Lodbjerg Fyr (Lodbjerg Lighthouse) is spectacular.

The Faroe Islands – a travel guide

My friend and I went through a bunch of travel catalogs trying to make a decision on where to go when I saw a photograph of a bunch of puffins on a cliff. It was settled! This bird crazy lady had to go to the Faroe Islands!

The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands (the word oy – means island) most of which is connected with bridges and tunnels. We rented a car and booked two nights in three different places around the islands and hoped to see as much as possible on our way. Feel free to comment and ask questions in the comment field or share it with your friends at the end of this post.

Day 1 – Mykines

After landing in Vágar Airport we picked up our car and drove straight to the ferry bound for the island Mykines. The weather was amazing, the ferry trip was beautiful and when we arrived at this little charming and sparse populated island we started the hike to the lighthouse at the southern tip. Lots of steep cliffs and beautiful views. The puffin colony was on the half way and I was not disappointed. There were hundreds of them and they were not especially shy.

faroe islandsMy best puffin shot – aren’t they just adorable?

MykinesHiking to the southern tip of Mykines

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The rapeseed field

On a windy day (perfect for buzzards) I went hunting for one of those gorgeous yellow rapeseed fields.





Marielyst and Møns Klint

My summer vacation was spent early this year – one week in a borrowed summer house with my family in the small beach town Marielyst at the danish island Falster. The weather was still a bit wet and cold, but we also had a few really lovely summer days with butterflies, sunsets, dipping my toes in the water and a trip to Møns Klint where I hiked along the stunningly beautiful coastline of steep chalk cliffs. When you live in Denmark where everything is so flat the sight of cliffs is just such a thrill.

Summer holiday in Marielyst and Møns Klint

Summer holiday in Marielyst and Møns Klint

Summer holiday in Marielyst and Møns Klint

Summer holiday in Marielyst and Møns Klint

fields of gold



In the woods

In my Easter holiday I managed to spent a couple of days out in the woods with my camera (is there any better place to be?). The animals are starting to come back from their winter places and waking from their hibernation. Just now the birds are highly active and out flaunting their feathers for potential mates (and for the photographer!).